How do I become a PostNord Customer?

Here you can sign up to be a PostNord Customer

This is required when registering for a production developer account.

Our APIs are easy to use and customizable to meet your shipping needs.

A developer account has information about you as a consumer.

An account has one or more applications (clients), where each has an assigned apikey.

An applications has a plan, which defines the applied usage metrics for the APIs.

Register a sandbox developer account at

Use the assigned apikey in the API request as a query parameter called: apikey

To access secured APIs; do you need to order an Oauth2 client_id with the required scopes for the APIs (the scopes are found in the swagger definition for the API)

Register a production developer account at

To access secured APIs an additional order must be placed; which contains the required Oauth2 scopes to use for this/these APIs (found in the swagger for the API)

There is a guide section explaining the APIs to use for different Use Cases e.g. building a checkout, sending in EDI, show the tracking for an item

The clients needs to use a loosely coupled design approach against PostNord APIs.

The following changes doesn't constitute a breaking change;

  • A new resource or API endpoint
  • A new optional parameter in the request
  • A new optional attribute in the POST or Response Body
  • New swagger containing the above

A swagger of an API contains information about;

  • Introduction
  • Revision history
  • CORS
  • Secured
  • How-To use API endpoints